Our Facilities



 Kinder valley's classrooms are planned and constructed to meet the child’s essential needs, each classroom is designed appropriately to help children develop their natural curiosity and learning. Our vision is inspired by nature as we selected the furniture, colors, and materials.


Learning Centers

 Our Learning centers focuses on language, science, and math planned to offer independent learning experience, and  encourage the young child to ask questions: such as "why do things work as they do?" 


Reading Corners

 Each classroom has a reading corner that is designed in a way that makes a child craves for books. In our classrooms you will find a selection of educational books and stories to help your child develop early literacy skills.


Art Room

"Every child is an artist."

 Our school is equipped with a special Art Room, We allow the children to use colors freely; pour, mix and scrub it, where they can expand their sense of art and learn to bring their own touches.


Music Center

 At kinder Valley we use music to promote a calm and peaceful atmosphere, for transitioning from one activity to another, to educate and to encourage movement and exercise. Materials used for the music center are selected from approved Montessori suppliers such as Nienhuis and Haba.


Dramatic Play Center

 Our Dramatic center is supplied with Puppets and theater, a beautiful assembly shop, a neutral child armchair and sofa, clothes rack for costumes of community helpers such as fireman, policeman, dentist, vet, and a teacher.


Indoor & Outdoor Playgrounds

 At Kinder Valley You will find an outdoor playground with high quality physical play equipment. All based on a special soft surface lawn which is shock absorbent and suitable for children of all ages.

 Since our climate is not suitable to play outdoor most of the year, our spacious indoor playground designed to keep our children active and happy the whole year! From climbing walls to Monkey Bars, our indoor mini gym is planned and designed to help the children improve their gross motor skills, and enhance their balance and coordination.  

Our Clinic

 In kinder valley, children's health and safety is a main priority, A well-equipped clinic and an experienced CPR certified nurse will check on the children overall hygiene, our nurse will always be available to monitor a safe environment, eliminate injuries and acute illness. A developed emergency plan is considered to manage potential emergent events.



 Our toilets are designed upon age proper, small toilet seats and children sized sinks helps to practice good hygiene, hence building children's confidence and independence.