Green world, Happy kids

  Our inspiration from nature can be found in the selection of shapes and colors. Gentle, subdued colors, which are close to nature, soothe the keys and give positive visual stimuli. The colors are perceived not only by the eyes but also by the entire body. They affect breathing, the pulse, the hormones, the nervous system and the brain.  

 We have carefully chosen our classroom furniture from 'Kohburg' originating from Bavaria, Germany, as we only select ECO-Friendly, and recyclable materials.



  We believe that children learn best when they are free to move their bodies throughout the day. Children have physical rights. They should not be constrained to desks. They should be allowed to move around in their environment, visit the bathroom as often as they like, and work in a variety of sitting or standing positions. We want to teach our children to respect their bodies and control their movements, and by allowing this freedom, we feel that this helps the growing brain learn more effectively. We encourage this independence, but also teach respect for others. No one’s freedom should infringe upon another’s right to concentrate.



  We believe that education can change the world for the better. We are advocates for peace. The children themselves represent a “bright, new hope for mankind”. We feel that the work we do as educators, guiding children toward self reliance and compassion, is incredibly important in the  grand scheme of future life on Earth. How our children are treated as babies will impact our entire civilization when they are all grown up and making decisions that affect others. We are humbled by the great possibilities that exist within the tiniest of humans, and we respect their inner wisdom.